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American Herbataurus Society

The American Herbataurus Society was established in 2004 to recognize and promote the ability of the Rotokawa® Devon bulls to improve herds, with the first generation, and restore functionality to grass-fed cattleGearld Fry

Founder Gearld Fry, a seasoned cattleman and grass genetics expert from Rose Bud, Arkansas has developed the Fry Herd Improvement Program (FHIP).  Genetics, selection, and management are the guiding principles used to build herds of cattle that can produce superior quality meat on a 100% grass/forage diet.  He believes in the Biblical teachings that stress purity and paternal foundations for God’s people and for the animals that provide their food and nourishment. 

We offer a registry and pedigree papers for these Rotokawa® Devon percentage blood animals referred to as American Herbataurus cattle.  Other cattle can be registered with the society; certain guidelines apply.

The American Herbataurus Society emphasizes the use of linear measurement as one important tool to evaluate cattle for proper form and function.  Specific body measurements and ratios correlate with the ability to utilize grass, adaptability, carcass yield and fertility.  These measurements and other physical parameters are used to develop animal quality standards.  Animals that meet these standards may qualify for our grass-fed genetics certification.

The American Herbataurus Society is a membership organization focused on education and providing networking opportunities for each member striving to produce quality, nutritious food.   Our pledge is to teach our members how to build better herds of grass genetic cattle.  We emphasize the value of ancient wisdom and power of observation.

While the society’s origins are with Devon cattle, the FHIP can be a valuable tool for any breed operation (beef or dairy) looking to maximize the genetic potential of their animals to utilize grass.   Gearld Fry’s consulting skills are in demand from both beef and dairy producers across the United States and beyond her borders.

The process for genetic improvement for any herd must start with a superior prepotent bull.  A superior bull along with the Fry Herd Improvement Program can transform a commercial herd into efficient grazers that convert grass into gourmet beef and milk.  Efficiency, quality, and consistency are what define a sustainable, profitable operation.  Let the FHIP work for you.

Vision for Herd Improvement
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