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4 year old 3/4 Devon  from Willow Grove Farm in Byron, Illinois.

 Phillip X471- Registered 3/4 Blood Devon - American Herbataurus Society

Birth date 5/4/2011   Birth weight 85#

Sire: Honest Abe (Triple Bred Rotokawa 688 Full Blood) Dam: Pansy (1/2 Blood   Devon,1/2 RedAngus)

Dam: a Rotokawa 982 daughter x Registered Reg Angus son SF Peace

140 Day Wt. -  492# -   2.9# ADG

349 Day Wt. -  855# -   2.2# ADG

537 Day Wt.  - 1102# - 1.9# ADG

10-15-13   -   1392#

2-25-15     -   1660#

• Phillip was born on my farm in 2011. He was the son of one of my best Herbataurus cows. He was the only bull that I have used the past two years. I have been extremely impressed with his calves that he sired. I now have several pure bred embryo bull calves so I no longer need him. However, someone else who is in need of a grass based herd sire will benefit from his fertility and vigor.

• Phillip has been raised to perform on a rotational grazing system. He is moved every one to two days behind a single strand of poly wire. He respects electric fence extremely well. For the past year, he has only been behind one wire and not five hi-tensile wires like the rest of the herd. This speaks volumes to his docile and gentle Devon temperament.

• He is sired by Honest Abe, a Rotokawa triple bred 688 son, and therefore, has grass-based genetic density.

• Despite the fact that he was maturing during the drought of 2012, he was gaining > 2.0 ADG with no inputs other than minerals and grass. He has never had grain, antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemical wormers, making him a low maintenance bull.

• Phillip’s scrotal length is 18 cm and it’s circumference is 40 cm, which is considered excellent per James Dryson’s Herd Bull Fertility Book. He has equal and regular shaped testicles with an epididymis present on both testicles, creating high fertility and testosterone levels.


• Wide shoulders = wide rumps on heifers = more salable meat

• Pronounced crest with good heart girth = good vital organ function (lungs, heart, glands)

• Coarse curly hair, neck veins = high fertility and high testosterone

• Yellow flakes in ear, loose hide, fine cannon bones with clean hock = fine textured, tender beef

• Nice looking calves


• Genetically, Phillip is excellent I feel. Phenotypically,or externally, I feel that the drought of 2012 held back his genetic potential. One of my requirements for any animal on my farm is low input and low maintenance. They either sink or swim. Phillip was just over a year old when the drought of 2012 hit. He received no hay or supplements during the summer, just like the rest of the herd. During the critical time of his maturation, he had to eat forage that was lower in nutrition than normal since the pastures were growing so slow. In order to create a bull that is optimal phenotypically, they need a plane of nutrition that was better than what he able to forage. Consequently, his overall mass is less than what his genetic potential may reveal. His calves, however, will certainly be stamped with his genetic superiority.

I have tried to give an honest and fair assessment of Phillip’s qualities and characteristics.

Phillip will create low input, fast growing, and genetically dense calves of excellent eating quality.

Asking price is $3750. 

Stephen R. Brass
6721 Alpine Dr.
Byron, IL. 61010
Phone 815-218-5076