Bulls For Sale:

Offering for sale a Rotokawa 974 son from a Bakewell (Rotokawa foundation genetics as well) cow.  This is a chance to own a direct link to these outstanding Rotokawa Estates (New Zealand/Ken McDowall)Devon genetics.  Those direct links are becoming fewer and fewer.  Lewis and Clark are twins born from a single embryo - so they've been a special blessing from the very beginning. They were born December 19, 2012.  They are wide bodied, deep and getting more masculine by the day.   Buyer can take choice of one of them.  Call Laurel Hoffman at 814-256-3707 or herbataurus@gmail.com

Click on link below to watch video of these 17 month old bulls.


One of the twins has been sold and moving to his new  home in Pennsylvania soon.


Mike Scannell and Joan Harris from Harrier Fields Farm have some outstanding 2 & 3 year old bulls for sale. They are some of the best developed bulls you will find anywhere. See what true 100% grass genetics is capable of. They will be sure to put meat volume and quality into your herd - registered or commercial. If you have yet to experience low-input, easy fleshing, great disposition cattle that produce gourmet beef on grass, here is your opportunity.  Purchasing a superior herd sire is an investment in your future. See videos below. You will need to turn up the volume to hear Mike's voice.  CONTACT MIKE AND JOAN AT 518-732-7350 OR 518-221-7588

3 Year old Devon Bulls for Sale


Harrier Fields David


Harrier Fields Duke (American Milking Devon)



Harrier Fields 181  SOLD





Harrier Field 180  SOLD