Bulls For Sale:

Mike Scannell and Joan Harris from Harrier Fields Farm have some outstanding 2 & 3 year old bulls for sale. They are some of the best developed bulls you will find anywhere. See what true 100% grass genetics is capable of. They will be sure to put meat volume and quality into your herd - registered or commercial. If you have yet to experience low-input, easy fleshing, great disposition cattle that produce gourmet beef on grass, here is your opportunity.  Purchasing a superior herd sire is an investment in your future. See videos below. You will need to turn up the volume to hear Mike's voice.  CONTACT MIKE AND JOAN AT 518-732-7350 OR 518-221-7588

3 Year old Devon Bulls for Sale


Harrier Fields Gentleman 403-2


Harrier Fields David


Harrier Fields Duke (American Milking Devon)


Harrier Fields Jacob


Harrier Fields Sampson



Harrier Fields 181



Harrier Field 180



John and Kathy Davis are offering this 2-year old American Herbataurus (Rotokawa Devon genetics) Bull for Sale - Equipped to get the job done.    SOLD

Click below to see his video


Owners:  John and Kathy Davis
Bether Farm, Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina
Price is $5500.00



Gearld Fry had this 2 year old American Herbataurus (Rotokawa Devon genetics) bull.


Linear Measurements

  • Girth is +6.5"
  • Flank is +6"
  • Rump Length % is 38.8%
  • Rump Width % is 47.5%
  • Shoulders are +4.5" over rump length
  • Scrotal is 40 centimeters
  • Final LM Score is 4.15

For more information on other cattle he may have available contact Gearld Fry 501-454-3252 or email at gearld.fry@gmail.com.