The American Herbataurus Society was founded in 2004 by Gearld Fry of Rose Bud, Arkansas and Laurel Hoffman of New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for two main purposes. #1 Provide education and learning resources to folks who wanted to produce the best possible beef from a 100% grass-fed diet in a profitable and sustainable way.  #2 To provide a pedigree service for Rotokawa Devon sired offspring that would facilitate an up-breding program and the creation of highly valued grass type beef genetics.

This is no longer an animal registry or an exclusive membership society.  The need for education and access to learning tools is constant, therefore this site is transitioning to the Grass Granger's Guidepost with the intent of providing much of the same type of information as before.  Feel free to contact me by email with your thoughts, comments and ideas and submissions for content.  The key is sharing and learning together from each other.

God Bless America