February 9-10, 2017   Gainsville Texas
"Knowledge hiding in plain sight, a Seekers path to wisdom"
Come, join Gearld Fry and Steve Campbell in a school designed specifically for YOU to
learn how to select, manage and breed for the cow herd and bulls that will give you the
highest return for every bite of your grass (forage) consumed.
Getting the Right Pieces Together
Gourmet Grassfed Beef

Genetics - Selection - Pasture/Range - Minerals - Breeding - Management - Harvesting  - Promotion - Passion - some of  God's favor, very helpful.

Okay that may seem like the short version of a long list, but I bet you already have some of them covered.  You can learn the rest.

Here is the top 10 things I've learned about producing gourmet grassfed/finished beef.



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